What in the World is BuyBackWorld?

Our story is a simple one at its core: we pay consumers and businesses cash for household goods they no longer want or need. In fact, since we started in 2009 we've built out the largest Instant Cash Quote Platform for consumer household goods on Earth, with well over 30,000 SKUs and counting daily. (have something you want to sell, but don't see it listed? Get a Custom Quote today) So far, we've shelled out over $25,000,000 to over 200,000 customers for items they no longer needed. Pretty impressive, huh? Wait, there's more!

What Does That Mean For You Exactly?
Instant Cash Quotes Upfront.

To start with, we'll tell you what your item is worth upfront to take the guesswork out of what you might be able to sell it for. The process is quick and easy – go to www.BuyBackWorld.com, simply search for an item you have in your household that you no longer want or need such as an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, smartphone or other consumer electronics, gift cards, power tools and more, get an upfront, no risk instant cash quote and be on your way to selling your unwanted product in under a minute.

FREE Shipping and Free Returns on Every Order.

Did we mention that all offers come standard with FREE Shipping and FREE Returns? Additionally, if you sell us an item and the quote changes for any reason and you're not 100% satisfied, we'll ship your item back to you free of charge – no questions asked.

On the flip side, if you buy something from us and it isn't exactly what you expected, we'll let you return it for free. No risks, no hassles. Ever

This is guaranteed on every single order you place on BuyBackWorld for 30 days, whether you are buying or selling.

Buy Certified Pre-Owned Devices and Discounted Gift Cards.

If you're not the online selling type, did you know that you can also get a great deal on a certified pre-owned device such as an iPhone, iPad or other smartphone and you can purchase discounted gift cards to your favorite retailers all from BuyBackWorld? Check out all of the great deals we offer on all of your favorite products here.

The BuyBackWorld Guarantee.

The best part is we stand behind every transaction to ensure that it runs smoothly and guarantee it for a minimum of 30 Days so you'll always have someone in your corner if there's ever an issue. That means no meeting strangers in parking lots or coffee shops, no pictures to take, no listings to manage and constantly check up on, no scams and no worries. Click. Ship. Get Paid. Turn your clutter into cash and watch the savings pile up.

How did we get started and how do we do it? Funny you should ask..


BuyBackWorld is founded by Andreas Leptourgos and Steven Francess on September 3, 2009 in a small New York City apartment. Both former Wall St. executives, they envisioned offering consumers and businesses a "cash for electronics" buying service with a seamless customer experience that offered fair and accurate price quotes, speedy payment times, free shipping, a zero landfill policy, and data erasure for privacy protection. Leveraging their knowledge of how the financial markets worked, Leptourgos and Francess set out to commoditize the used electronics market which would produce an instant quote pricing engine to drive their website.

They believed that providing an honest, trustworthy, and easy-to-use service that offered fair financial incentives and delivered on its promises of riskless and hassle-free selling would motivate businesses and consumers to breathe a second life into their used electronics. From this, the "Go Green, Get Green" initiative that empowers the company's philosophy was born.


We officially launch www.BuyBackWorld.com on June 24, 2010 alongside the release of the iPhone 4. Using multiple street teams positioned across New York City, we purchase consumer's old iPhones for cash as they come out of various Apple stores with their new iPhone 4. That day alone we purchased over $10,000 worth of iPhones in cash off the streets of NYC. The rest, as they say, is history..


We move into a new office space in the industrial zone of Long Island City, New York and work tirelessly day and night to offer our customers the best prices on the widest selection of used consumer electronics in the world. We accept 5,000 trade-ins within our first official year of business and pay out over $500,000 to consumers across the country.


We expand our operations and move into an office three times the size of our original warehouse space. We launch BuyBackWorld 2.0, expand our product catalog to over 5,000 product SKUs, service over 25,000 trade-ins and pay out more than $2,000,000 for used electronics.


We completely redo our website for a third time, simplifying the product selection process for our customers by allowing searches to not only be performed directly through a search bar, but also through a step-by-step filtering process to eliminate any potential incorrect model selection issues. The tweak works – we experience our best year in history, with annual revenues exceeding $4,000,000, representing a growth rate of greater than 4,000% since our inception. Our product catalog keeps growing, expanding to include instant price quotes for over 10,000 product SKUs in over 20 different categories and climbing.


We continue to build on our ever increasing momentum and serve our 100,000th customer. All of our years of hard work and efforts are officially recognized as BuyBackWorld is named #84 on the Inc. 500 List of the Nation's Fastest Growing Private Companies in the United States. Adding to the recognition, BuyBackWorld is also named as the 7th Fastest Growing Private Company in New York City, a highly honorary tribute to our coveted city heritage. We add to our product offerings by building out completely tailored buyback solutions for both our retail store trade-in partners in www.RetailBuyBack.com and our corporate clients with the enterprise driven www.BulkBuyBack.com, all under the ever-growing www.BuyBackWorldPlatforms.com moniker. Our product catalog continues to expand to over 15,000 product SKUs and we become the first company in the world to offer instant price quotes for selling wearable technology such as smartwatches and fitness trackers.


We launch BuyBackWorld 4.0 which represents the largest overhaul of our website in history. The completely redone site expands our instant price quotes to non-electronics categories such as gift cards and unveils our official launch of a direct-to-consumer store for purchasing certified pre-owned devices and discounted gift cards. Our product catalog now includes over 30,000 product SKUs, making it the largest instant cash price quoting platform in the world. BuyBackWorld is named to the Inc. 500 list for the second year in a row.