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By on October 1, 2015 | 11:27 am
October 1, 2015 | 11:27 am

With other popular social networking apps and sites competing daily with Facebook, the social networking giant has to ups its game from time to time and make fun new changes so users stay interested. This week, Facebook is launching something that will make a difference in how users’ profile pages look-the addition of moving GIFs as profile pictures. The app will also allow users to customize profile pictures quickly and easily based on current interests, such as a favorite football team.

This change stems from the US Supreme Court’s decision to make gay marriage legal, which prompted millions of Facebook users to add a rainbow customization to their existing profile picture. Since that garnered such a large positive response, Facebook realized that users may enjoy other creative ways to personalize their profile, and these new filter options you can place over your profile picture will reflect that.

Profiles themselves will look a bit different, with the main profile picture in the center instead of the left hand side of the page.


Other changes include the additions of emojis to your About Me section, as well as five photos you can feature on your page that visitors will see right away, instead of scrolling down to see photos of you. You can pick your favorite pictures to display in this section, and it gives your page a customized look and feel.

While you can’t actually upload a GIF to your profile photo, you’ll be able to film a “looping video” which is indeed very similar to the effects of a GIF. This may be a good place to put a Live Photo from your new iPhone 6S.

Most Facebook users are viewing the site using their mobile devices, and all of the new Facebook features are optimized for mobile. The features, such as the looping video picture, are all still in the testing phase, but we expect we’ll get to try out our new profile photos very soon.

The new videos will allow for a 7-second loop, and there will be changes to your Friends section too, allowing your Mutual Friends section a bit more visibility and more room for you to put an About Me write up (including the previously mentioned emojis.) With these changes, Facebook hopes that users won’t replace it with something else, like Snapchat or Twitter. Since Facebook still has unique features that none of those apps have, the company is hoping as long as they keep updating and adding features it will keep users loyal and logging on.

What’s your favorite update to Facebook? Are you one of the social networking sites one billion plus users? Do you enjoy Facebook Mobile and look forward to an update to the app?






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