Samsung Galaxy S7 to Feature Pressure Sensitive Touchscreen Says WSJ

By on December 14, 2015 | 2:38 pm
December 14, 2015 | 2:38 pm
Samsung Galaxy S7 pressure sensitive touchscreen
December 14, 2015 | 2:38 pm

When the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus debuted earlier this year, one of the main selling points of the handsets was Apple’s new ‘3D Touch,’ which harnesses haptic technology. Initially being introduced as ‘Force Touch’ when it was first rolled out on the Apple Watch, the feature allows the touchscreens on the Apple devices to tell the difference between the pressure applied to them.

The main benefit to the tech is the fact that users can ‘peek’ at other apps and windows by lightly touching the screen, as opposed to switching to the app or window completely with a heavier touch. While it’s unclear just how many more iPhones Apple has shifted because of this, it has been a serious draw, and so it comes as little surprise that Samsung is now set to follow suit and will include their own version of 3D Touch in the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The information comes from a report in The Wall Street Journal (though the article is a paywall.) Claiming to have spoken to “people familiar with the matter,” the publication reports that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a pressure sensitive display when it launches next spring and this feature is also set to be touted as the handset’s biggest feature. Speaking to Forbes, The Wall Street Journal’s Jonathan Cheng confirmed that “the pressure-sensitive display…will be similar to that offered by rival Apple Inc. on the iPhone 6S earlier this year. The responsive display allows the phone to interpret different taps and touches depending on how the user presses on the touch screen.”

Another suggestion – which comes from the same Forbes article linked above – is that Samsung will use Qualcomm’s haptic technology to get the feature into its upcoming flagship. Samsung only very recently got out of a messy legal battle with Apple over infringed patents and choosing to put haptic tech into the Samsung Galaxy S7 may result in another trip to court – though, this may be avoided if they get Qualcomm to provide it.

Moving on from the pressure sensitive screen, the WSJ’s source also suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will feature the USB Type-C port. Not only are reversible USB Type-C connections useful for those who struggle to plug things in in the dark, but Samsung is also expected to use it for high-speed charging. The S6 already boasted boosted battery charging but the port will reportedly let the phone get a full day of battery life from just 30 minutes of charging.

Moreover, the report states that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will sport a camera that’s flush with the phone (rather than sticking out) and is optimized for low-light photography, along with a retina scanner. If the report is to be believed, it will even signal a return of the microSD card slot (though only on the S7, not the S7 Edge), which would be a smart move on Samsung’s part given that the South Korean electronics maker caught serious flak for removing it form the S6 and the S6 Edge.

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