The Coolest Gadgets Coming in 2016

By on January 1, 2016 | 11:16 am
2016 Tech
January 1, 2016 | 11:16 am

It’s time to say goodbye to yesterday’s tech and embrace the newest gadgets on the block. This year, there are many to look forward to, but here are a few that tech lovers are really excited about.

 VR Gadgets

In 2016, virtual reality (or VR) gadgets will rule. Though we’ve heard talk of many different VR items, we haven’t really gotten to put our hands on one yet. This year, that should change, as we’ll see the release of the Oculus Rift, which works with the Xbox, the HTC Vive, which is a PC-based VR gaming headset, and Sony’s version of VR, the PlayStation VR. This option will complement the PlayStation 4 gaming system. Not so much VR but AR (augmented reality) the Microsoft HoloLens will also launch this year.


iPhone 7

Though we’ve recently seen the release of the iPhone 6S, Apple fans are already chomping at the bit to know more about the 2016 release of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and possibly the iPhone 6C, an upgrade from the 5C but generally the same idea. Generally, as the past has shown us, we’ll find out everything we need to know as fall approaches and we see more about the upcoming Apple releases.


Nintendo NX

The next Nintendo console will be the Nintendo NX. An upgrade from the Wii U, which didn’t see sales as high as the company would like, the NX may feature both a traditional controller as well as the gamepad from the Wii U. The company has said that not only will the NX replace the Wii U, but it can also replace the 3DS. We aren’t completely sure of the console’s specs yet, but the company has hinted that the NX will combine a mobile and home console to bring gamers a one of a kind experience. We hope to know more in the coming months.



Though the Apple Watch may not have taken off the way Apple wanted it to, the company isn’t giving up on wearables. In fact, 2016 may indeed by the year of the wearable. With the launch of the Apple Watch 2, the brand hopes to reinvigorate interest in its wearable. The rumor is that the watch will be able to work with Facetime. We should know more about it by spring. Other companies are churning out wearables quickly, and researchers say that wearables will be more fashion-forward, less bulky, and more updated and chic so consumers will actually want to wear them. Creating wearables that look good could give the market a boost, so we’ll see if wearables really take off in 2016.


Voice Assistants

We all know and love Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. Now you don’t have to have an iPhone to get the benefit of your own voice assistant. If you have Android, you can use Google Now, and if you have a Windows device, you’re familiar with Cortana. Now you don’t need any of those devices, because Amazon has launched Alexa, a standalone voice assistant you can use around the house through a portal called Echo. This year, all voice assistants will be linked to Facebook M, which somehow uses Facebook to do many things like shop, send messages, etc. using a voice assistant.


What tech are you looking forward to in the new year?




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