Apple TV Undergoes Changes

By on February 10, 2016 | 8:38 am
February 10, 2016 | 8:38 am
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Apple TV
February 10, 2016 | 8:38 am

Fans of Apple TV were pleased when the brand launched a brand new set top device this year, and now, Apple TV will go through even more changes. The newest test launch of Apple TV includes even more voice control options and features.

This pretty much means that you may not require the need for a remote control at all, because you’ll be able to speak the letters and characters directly to the device to search for the show you want to see. Essentially, it will be just like conversing with Siri using your iPhone, which makes using your TV much simpler than ever before.

Though there is already voice dictation available in the latest version of Apple TV, it has a limited range of what it can do. Namely, you can use the voice control to look for certain shows or apps, ask about the weather, or receive a sports score. The new voice control will take those options one step further by allowing Siri to recognize individual characters.

Updated voice control features aren’t the only reason to upgrade to the new Apple TV when it launches. Additional new and exciting features include adding a Bluetooth keyboard to the Apple TV, and organizing and access your apps in a way similar to how you access applications on an iPhone.


The update also includes support for photos in the iCloud, which makes it easier for you to sync and view all of your photos and videos. This new software will all be part of an overall launch for multiple Apple products. At this moment, we don’t have individual specs or even confirmation of specific items, but experts predict that this spring we’ll hear about new iOS updates as well as some new devices, including a new iPad and some new bands for the Apple Watch.

Apple fans were happy when the latest and newest version of the Apple TV came out this year, which was the first update the device had in several years. Along with the newer version of the Apple TV which is already pleasing many brand fans, the new software will really up the ante for Apple TV users. There are even more reasons than ever for fans of TV to cut the cord and invest in a set top like Apple TV that plays streaming shows and movies from apps like Netflix and Hulu, at a much less expensive price than traditional cable.

Do you own the latest version of Apple TV? What do you like best about the set top box?





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