5G Will Change Our World

By on February 11, 2016 | 5:57 pm
February 11, 2016 | 5:57 pm
February 11, 2016 | 5:57 pm

So here we are in a world where we still use 4G, at times unsuccessfully. Some of us are still saddled with 3G speeds, which essentially means no speed at all. So, for one minute, can you imagine the thrill of 5G speeds and how it will change how we use our devices and technology? Experts have already imagined our lives with the addition of 5G, and not only are these views in the very near future (by the end of this decade, techies predict) but 5G is going to affect way more than just our mobile phone speeds and how fast we can download our videos. In fact, 5G technology may in fact change our entire world.

At Mobile World Congress set to happen at the end of February, attendees will get a glimpse of everything 5G will be capable of, and our phone speeds are barely the beginning. Improved download speeds are of course of vast importance, and with 5G speeds, consumers can expect downloads at more than 1,000 times quicker than our 4G speeds. Of course, those were lab tests, which don’t include deterrents of speed like the environment, but in the real world, it’s predicted that our speeds could increase 100 times over, which is still a pretty big deal. Also, 5G speeds may mean stronger connections, fewer (if any) dropped calls, and more reliable mobile networks, which many consumers would be thrilled by.

Also, 5G speeds will make it possible for self-driving cars to hit the highways, and drive us around safely. We may see these become not just a reality, but a more common way to get around in the future once all of the safety and lag issues are ironed out (which 5G will come in very handy doing!)

Everyone is talking these days about virtual reality, and we expect to see many VR devices/headsets at MWC as well as available through retailers throughout the year. So of course, 5G will be instrumental in creating amazing VR, which will not only allow users to communicate with each other but present a situation where it seems like everyone is in the same location, which could be amazing for multiple reasons, gaming being one of the primary ones.

Faster speeds also mean more intricate, complex robotic designs. These include everything from manufacturing robots to robots that assist doctors and surgeons with tasks. So it looks like robots will be taking a giant leap in tech, which could mean a lot for us non-robots, as tech experts predict that in the not so distant future, robots could be a regular part of our everyday life.

What do you think the best part of having 5G speeds will be? Would you get into a self-driving car? Or just enjoy downloading faster YouTube videos? We look forward to ideas expressed at this year’s MWC.





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