PlayStation VR May Not Be Delayed, Despite Recent Rumors

By on February 17, 2016 | 2:07 pm
February 17, 2016 | 2:07 pm
PlayStation VR
February 17, 2016 | 2:07 pm

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is one of the biggest reasons why VR (virtual reality) technology is expected to really take off in 2016. Along with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, the device will be snapped up by early adopters hoping to get a taste of first-person gaming excitement. However, despite Sony pencilling PlayStation VR in for an ‘early 2016′ release date, recent comments made by a retail executive suggest that the headset may be delayed.

Recently speaking during a segment on Mornings With Maria (a Fox Business Network show), GameStop CEO Paul Raines discussed the video game retailer’s plans for the upcoming year. During his time on the program, Raines revealed that “we will launch the Sony product this fall, and we are in discussions with the other two players,” seemingly referring to Oculus and HTC.

Raines’ comment, while it is perhaps useful to those who shop in GameStop’s stores, has caused others to suggest that PlayStation VR has been delayed until later this year. While a release later in the year would make a lot of sense, as it would avoid the impending releases of Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive and it would also launch at a time when most gamers buy new consoles, games and accessories, news of a delay will certainly be disappointing to those looking to buy their own PlayStation VR headset in the first half of the year.

All hope is not lost though, thanks to statements from both GameStop and Sony. The PlayStation VR maker notes that “GameStop was speculating and we have not released any further details on launch timing.” GameStop, on the other hand, says that “to clarify, Sony has not officially announced a release date for PlayStation VR,” adding that “Paul did mean generally speaking, whenever PlayStation VR launches, we will be ready for it and supporting it heavily at launch and going into Holiday 2016.”

cnet also notes that “it wouldn’t be in the best interests of either party to admit that the PlayStation VR has been delayed.” If the two companies admitted a delay, suggests the publication, then more people may buy Oculus Rifts and HTC Vives instead, something which would not favor GameStop as it will likely make more money from PlayStation VR sales than of sales of its rival headsets and the retailer “probably wouldn’t want to jeopardize its relationship with Sony, either.” Additionally, cnet points out that it may just be that GameStop will begin selling the PlayStation VR headset later in 2016, potentially months after it launches elsewhere, in order to make sure that virtual reality really is as popular as some have predicted it will be.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to know whether Sony and GameStop are covering their tracks and the PlayStation VR really is delayed or if production is going as planned but the companies want to wait for a bigger stage to announce a release date. What is clear though, is that as gamers grow more impatient, Sony will have to reveal that release date soon if it wants keep customers from looking at its competitors.

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