Will Apple’s EarPods Become Wireless?

By on March 4, 2016 | 11:56 am
March 4, 2016 | 11:56 am
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Apple EarPods
March 4, 2016 | 11:56 am

Every iPhone comes with a small, snug pair of Apple EarPods, which somehow always fit perfectly and sound great. Though most of us have used Apple earbuds for years, only the design has changed and morphed to create more comfortable, more ergonomic buds over the years. However, new evidence may suggest that Apple’s next set of EarPods may indeed be completely wireless.

A new patent granted to Apple this week strongly suggest that the iPhone 7 may come with a brand new wireless design of EarPods. Rumor has it that the EarPods can be used without a wire at all, but you can connect them via magnet to a cord plugged into a jack for wired listening, similar to this:


We have already been hearing for months now that the new iPhones would not have a headphones jack, which left us confused and bewildered. Now, this may be the reason why new iPhones may lack a jack. So Apple may have done something no other brand has done yet; come up with a completely hybrid headphone that can be used wired or wireless.

Apple hasn’t updated the design of the EarPods since 2012, so most Apple fans would be content with an upgrade, but not everyone would be happy if there was zero headphone jacks on the phone-it’s just something we are all used to. Of course, Apple could always come up with another, creative way to plug in our buds, including using headphones that connect via the Lightning adapter. There are many theories, but nobody knows for sure until we hear Apple speak for themselves.

Without the bulky headphone jack, Apple could feasibly make an even thinner phone than their latest incarnation of iPhones, which some say is the reason that the brand wants to get rid of the jack altogether. Of course, these are all simply rumors, and we have no tangible reports that say Apple will use this new technology in the updated iPhone. However, it’s fun to think about enjoying music from your iPhone without the tangled up cords of your EarPods getting in the way.

What do you think about Apple using wireless earphones in its next iPhone? Do you think they should leave the headphone jack alone or remove it in order to produce a slimmer, sleeker iPhone?





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