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By on May 6, 2016 | 2:57 pm
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May 6, 2016 | 2:57 pm

JetSmarter, commonly referred to as the ‘Uber of the skies,’ connects private air carriers and travelers through a seamless mobile app, allowing users to search for and instantly book flights on their smartphone. Founded in November, 2012, the rapidly growing startup is headquartered in Florida and provides services worldwide.

JetSmarter logo

Since its inception, investors have poured over $50 million into the company. Some high-profile contributors have included Twitter and Jay Z.

JetSmarter offers three different services: JetShuttle, JetCharter and JetDeals. JetShuttle allows customers to split the cost and book individual seats on a shared flight. JetCharter brings greater flexibility, allowing passengers to customize their route and aircraft. Lastly, with the members-only JetDeals, customers fly private by booking bundles of 2-5 free seats.

JetSmarter appJetSmarter app

Although not required, an annual membership costs $9,000 for unlimited access to its 3,000-plus aircrafts, including helicopter services.

With no security checkpoints and lines, JetSmarter eliminates the hassle of airports for a more convenient and personal traveling experience. CEO Sergey Petrossov’s long-term goal is to make private air travel a reality for everyone. The innovative service has opened a whole new world of possibility to those who never previously considered this a possibility.

Available through iOS and Android, the app can be downloaded via the iTunes or Google Play stores.

The BuyBackWorld Bottom Line: JetSmarter brings greater simplicity and affordability to private air travel, allowing you to traverse the skies in style and on your own terms. The app is a prime example of another disruptive technology that’s challenging the norm. Like Uber has disrupted the taxi industry, JetSmarter has the potential to do the same for air travel.


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