Our Impact

BuyBackWorld values and stands behind an environmentally conscious policy which the senior management team has put in place in order to not only meet, but exceed industry expectations in terms of overall quality standards concerning environmental preservation and addressing the ever growing e-waste crisis.

BuyBackWorld believes in a “reduce through reuse” policy where we aim to reuse over 95% of the electronic devices received at our facilities. When electronic devices are not reusable, we promise to work with only ISO14001 accredited and e-Stewards® certified Secure Processing Facilities to ensure recycling is performed in the most environmentally friendly manner.

BuyBackWorld is a proud member of the following Environmental Organizations: 

  • National Recycling Coalition 
  • New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse & Recycling 
  • Carbon Fund


 In order to partner with BuyBackWorld for recycling, all companies must possess the following:

  • Be a Certified e-Stewards® Recycling member 
  • Commit to zero landfill policy 
  • Commit to a zero export policy
  • Commit to a process where the health and safety of recycling workers are never at risk
  • Commit to not use prisoners as processors without all the protections and benefits of private work sectors
  • Data Erasure – will not result in your private data being compromised and exposed to outsiders 

For a full list of all the highest standards required of recycling partners,  please visit the e-Stewards  site

Additionally, all recyclers must have the following in place: 

  • ISO 9000 and/or  ISO 14001/ISO 14004 certifications 
  • Documented Environmental Management System (EMS) 
  • Safe and environmentally workplace