BuyBackWorld wants to be the quickest and simplest online platform for buying and selling all your used and unwanted consumer household products without the traditional hassles of peer-to-peer transactions. Here are the people who are creating that vision and leading the way.

Andreas Leptourgos | President, Co-Founder and CEO

A lover of tech and particularly smartphones, Andreas brings a high-intensity energy and enthusiasm to work each and every day which is resonated throughout the entire company, encouraging and promoting a workspace where passion for technology and environmental responsibility fuse together. His ability to provide both strategic leadership from an executive level while simultaneously working alongside each and every member of the BuyBackWorld Team help him to not only stay involved in the pulse of everyday business, but also drive strong revenues and explosive growth for the company from both the bottom up and top down since its inception in 2010.

Andreas has always been intrigued by what he coins the "cultural fascination" of people in different countries. He explains this phenomenon as the pursuit of those that are always interested in what the inhabitants of another country possess; whether it is music, food, fashion, or in this case, technology. Coupled with the belief that just because one individual might be done with a particular piece of technology doesn't mean that another individual can't find value in it and driven by a longing to unearth the psychological drivers behind the motivations of behavioral buying, Andreas always thought of smartphones as a "disruptive technology" that would forever change the way we interact with each other and seek and attain information. The value proposition behind extending the useful life and intrinsic value of a smartphone beyond a "one time use" was simply too much to ignore.

Acting on these beliefs and the fact that there was no dedicated way to bypass the hassles and frictions associated with traditional peer-to-peer selling online, Andreas used his background of financial markets to entertain the idea that used electronics could be commoditized and turned into "trading vehicles" on a liquid secondary market. In 2010, Andreas, took the idea from an abstract concept to actual reality with the launch of Building on the success that the used electronics niche has garnered, Andreas plans to expand the BuyBackWorld Platform to commoditize the entire used Consumer Household Market and offer upfront, instant quotes, free shipping and fast payment for all used consumer products beyond the electronics realm in the near future.

Under Andreas' leadership, BuyBackWorld continues to experience hyper growth, with revenues growing more than 5,000% since its founding. As a result of this, BuyBackWorld has earned the distinction of being named part of the Inc 5000's Fastest Growing Private Companies in the United States for two years running. With the recent expansion into high impact, non-consumer electronic categories such as gift cards and soon much more, as well as the addition of a direct-to-consumer sales channel through BuyBackWorld's own proprietary online store, BuyBackWorld seems poised to continue experiencing this type of growth for years to come.

Prior to co-founding BuyBackWorld, Andreas earned a Bachelor of Science at Boston University's Questrom School of Business, graduating Cum Laude with a dual concentration in Finance and Accounting. Andreas started his professional career on Wall Street as a Retail Analyst with Citigroup in New York City before becoming an Associate at Wells Fargo, helping to effectively manage $300 million in assets for corporate executives both domestically and internationally.

Andreas enjoys racing supercars, working out, and traveling in his free time.

Favorite Smartphone: iPhone 6S – it's the current flagship and "gold standard" that all smart phones are measured against. Not a lover of the recent craze over "Plus" sized devices, Andreas believes the iPhone 6S is the best of all worlds. Until Apple releases their newest model next September, that is.

Steven J. Francess | COO and Co-Founder

Driven by a boundless passion for technology, the internet, and philanthropy, Steve's overwhelming enthusiasm resonates through his every contribution to the growth and development of BuyBackWorld and the company's relationship with its clients, stakeholders, and employees. Since the company's inception in 2009, Steve has played a vital and dedicated role in every aspect of the company's growth and development, building the business from the ground up. Described by his friends and peers as an extremely hard-working "night-owl entrepreneur," Steve can typically be found working tirelessly day and night, with the help of a large cups of coffee, to nurture BuyBackWorld's through its period of hyper-growth and expansion.

Steve brings nearly 10 years experience in e-commerce, online marketplace solutions, mobile technology, and consumer electronics. Possessing a unique "connection" with the internet since he was a child, Steve understands and appreciates the importance of how a business needs to deliver its service to its clients through the World Wide Web in a first class way. He also firmly believes that an excellent customer service experience is essential to developing a brand that is both trusted and appreciated by its customers, citing Walt Disney's famous quote, "Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends."

Steve emphasizes that it is these principles along with delivering on promises that are at the heart of how BuyBackWorld does business. It is these guiding principles that resonate through his enthusiastic management style and keeps new clients coming through the door.

Prior to coming on full time as COO of BuyBackWorld, Steve worked at the top tier financial services institution Morgan Stanley for 3 years. He left the firm shortly after a promotion to Associate to pursue his dream as a full time entrepreneur in the internet and technology space.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major concentration in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Villanova University's Villanova School of Business.

Favorite electronic devices: Blackberry Bold smartphone, which is super-glued to his hand and ear, and his Nintendo 64 game system, which he still refuses to upgrade and sell to BuyBackWorld.