Amazon Kindle Touch D01200 eBook Reader

Amazon Kindle Touch D01200 eBook Reader

Sell Your Amazon Kindle Touch D01200 eBook Reader

What condition is your product in?

Your device is in this condition if ALL of the following are true:
  • Your device is 100% functional with some very minor cosmetic signs of wear.
  • Your device has no cracks or missing buttons (power, home, ringer, and/or volume)
  • Clear ESN/IMEI for activation by a new user
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We wipe all personal data from your device to Department of Defense standards so your security is never compromised and your privacy is ensured.

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Praise by Forbes, The New York Times, PCWorld, and others has made BuyBackWorld one of the largest electronics buyback platforms online.

Sell Your Amazon Kindle Touch D01200 eBook Reader for Cash

Our Amazon Kindle buy back program pays you money to sell your old tablet.  We allow consumers and businesses to trade in their old Kindle Touch for cash.  You can use the money you earn from our Kindle exchange program to upgrade to the latest tablet or spend the money on whatever you want.  You can also use the funds to purchase eBooks for your eReader.  The selling process is very simple.  Select the model and condition of the tablet you want to sell to obtain the upfront cash price quote. If you are happy with the trade in value of your Kindle, simply complete the checkout process to obtain your free shipping kit.  Mail in your electronics and if everything checks out, your payment will be issued within a couple of days.

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