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Choose the Macbook Pro or Air model you want to sell.

Sell your MacBook for cash. Choose the Macbook Pro or Air model you want to sell.

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Selling your old Apple MacBook is fast and simple with BuyBackWorld's Macbook trade in program.  Our Apple laptop buyback program provides you with an upfront instant cash buyback price quote, free shipping label, free shipping kit, and super fast cash payment through check or Paypal.  You can use the money earned from our Apple trade in program to upgrade to the latest release, pay bills, save it for a rainy day, or spend it on whatever you'd like.

To begin, select the series (Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air) of your device, then follow the step by step process to select the specs of your Macbook.  You can also enter the serial number of your Apple device and the specs should populate automatically.  You will need to know the specs such as the screen size, processor speed, release year and hard drive capacity. Then, choose the exact model and condition to receive our buyback price quote for your trade-in.  You can also search by model name or model number using the search field above.  You'll be surprised to know that we'll even buy back broken, water damaged, and cracked laptops as well.  Believe it or not, we even buy back old Macbooks dating back to 2006!  If you are having difficulty determining the exact model of the Macbook you wish to exchange for cash, please contact our customer service team for assistance.  An honest and accurate assessment is very important since a difference in the specs, model, or condition can have a significant impact on the trade in value of your Macbook.

How much is your Macbook worth?

The trade in value of your old Macbook depends on many different factors, such as the model, release year, specs, and condition.  The most important specs are the processor type, speed, memory, screen size, and hard drive capacity.  Apple computers with larger screens, retina displays, solid state hard drives, and faster processors such as Intel i7 or i9 are typically more valuable.  Take good care of your Macbook to earn the highest price quote.  Dents, cracks, heavy scratches, blemishes, and defects will cause the value to drop.  It is very important that you keep your laptop dry and safe from sources of liquid or spills. Water damaged Macbooks will be evaluated at the poor and broken trade in value, lowering the cash back that you would return from selling your Mac.

To get the most accurate quote, make sure you identify the model and exact specs of your laptop.  If your computer powers on, you can find the basic specs by clicking the Apple logo on the home screen and selecting "About This Mac" to reveal the system information.  If you are having trouble, don't hesitate to contact our customer service department and provide your Apple serial number.  We can provide you with the correct link to our buyback catalog or provide you with a custom quote to recycle your Macbook for money.

What happens after I sell my MacBook?

 How long will it take to get paid?Once you agree to sell your new, used, or broken MacBook to BuyBackWorld, complete the checkout procedure by providing your name, shipping, and payment details.  You will be able to request a free mailing box and label for your trade in and choose the most convenient payment method.  If you have your own box and materials, we'll send you a free shipping label to your inbox that you can print out at home.  Once we receive your laptop, we'll inspect it to make sure it matches the condition you stated and then issue payment for your trade in via check or PayPal.  You will receive money for your Macbook exchange within a few business days.  A data wipe and full restore will be performed by one of our trained Apple Mac computer technicians. If your Macbook has no value, it will be recycled for free.  If you disagree with our assessment and final quote, your item will be shipped back without any cost to you!  BuyBackWorld is the the place to sell your used and unwanted Apple laptops for cash quickly and easily. 

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