Samsung Galaxy S6 Sprint 64GB SM-G920P

Samsung Galaxy S6 Sprint 64GB SM-G920P

Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Sprint 64GB SM-G920P

What condition is your product in?

Your device is in this condition if ALL of the following are true:
  • Your cell phone is 100% functional and appears "like new" or has little to no cosmetic wear on the body and screen
  • Powers on, holds a charge, and is able to make calls
  • Screen and body are free of any cracks, chips, or deep scratches
  • LCD screen is free of any blemishes or discoloration such as bruising, dead pixels, white spots, or burn-in
  • All buttons and features are fully functional
  • Clear ESN/IMEI for activation by a new user
  • Please Note: Any device found to be reported as lost or stolen is not eligible for trade-in
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Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Sprint SM-G920P for Cash

You can earn cash for your used Samsung GS6 cell phone by selling it to BuyBackWorld.  Our Sprint buyback program allows you to trade in your new, used, cracked, or broken smartphone for money.  We do not force consumers to accept store credit.  You can use the money earned from recycling your Sprint device to buy whatever you like.  You can also help fund your upgrade to the latest Galaxy S7 phone by selling your old Sprint Galaxy S6, Edge Plus, or Note. This cell phone buy back program also accepts trade ins for other brands such as LG, HTC and Apple.  Older Samsung models such as the Galaxy S III, Epic 4G, and GS5 are also accepted from trade-in.  Before recycling your Sprint phone for cash, make sure that the ESN is clear for activation by a new user.  You will need to verify that the ESN is clear with the Sprint network and ensure that there is no unpaid balance or financing bills due.  We issue payment for your Sprint exchange within two business days after our electronics inspection team verifies that your phone matches the assessment.  

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