Sony Playstation 4 500GB PS4 Black Console

Sony Playstation 4 500GB PS4 Black Console

Sell Your Sony Playstation 4 500GB PS4 Black Console

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Your device is in this condition if ALL of the following are true:
  • Your device is 100% functional with some very minor cosmetic signs of wear.
  • Power cable and at least 1 controller must be included
  • Your device has no cracks or missing buttons (power, home, ringer, and/or volume)
  • Your device has no broken hardware (charging ports, connectors, etc)
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Praise by Forbes, The New York Times, PCWorld, and others has made BuyBackWorld one of the largest electronics buyback platforms online.

Where To Sell PS4 for Cash Online

Your Sony Playstation 4 500GB black console is worth money.  Sell your new, used, or broken PS4 for cash with our Playsation 4 trade-in program.  Selling your old PS4 console online has never been easier.  You'll receive an upfront trade in value for your unwanted video game system.  The selling process is fast and simple.  Choose the correct manufacturer and model of your gaming console above.  Then, select the condition that most accurately represents the system you wish to sell.  If you are happy with the instant price quote, simply complete the checkout process for your free shipping label.  We'll even send you a free box if you do not have one.  

How much money can I sell my old Playstation 4 console for?

The cash exchange value of your used PS4 is mainly determined by the specific model you have to sell and the condition it is in.  New or excellent used PS4 video game systems will command higher trade-in prices.  Consoles that are cracked or damaged will receive a significantly lower offer.  Make sure to include any controllers, cables, games, and accessories you may have along with the console.  Missing necessary components for basic operation of the system may cause your value to be downgraded.  It is also important that you sell your old console before a new version is released.  The introduction of an updated console series can have a negative impact on the value of your older gaming system.  Don't forget to check around your home for other video games and gaming consoles you may want to sell. BuyBackWorld pays cash for retro games, vintage consoles, and handhelds.  You can ship your entire video game collection to BuyBackWorld in one box.

How long will it take to get paid for my PS4?

The entire sales process typically takes 5 to 7 business days.  Our technicians typically inspect trade-ins within 2 business days after they are received at our warehouse.  If your console passes inspection with no discrepancies, your payment will be issued within 1 to 2 business days by check our Paypal.  Check payments take longer to receive since these are mailed using 1st Class letter service.

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