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Very easy transaction, I was extremely pleased with the offers I received on my used devices – much higher than most other comparable sites. Plus they bought some of my older items that other sites just wouldn’t accept.

Jennifer from Avondale, AZ

AT&T BuyBack Program Pays You Cash

Trade in your AT&T cell phone for cash with our AT&T buyback program.  We pay you cash to sell your new, used, or broken AT&T smartphone.  If you have been wanting to sell your Samsung phone for the AT&T network, you've come to the right place.  BuyBackWorld is the best trade-in program that actually pays you cash, not store credit, for your unwanted AT&T phone.  Our Samsung Galaxy phone trade in values are the highest you will receive anywhere online.  To begin the selling process, simply select the model of the Samsung cell phone you wish to sell.  Our AT&T buy back program will even pay you money to exchange and recycle old flip phones as well as the latest Galaxy S6, Note, and S6 edge.

Once you identify the correct model of your trade-in, please choose the condition that most accurately describes it for your upfront price quote.  This AT&T buyback program is the only one that actually pays you more for brand new phones.  We also accept Samsung Galaxy phones that are cracked, dead, and water damaged.  We do not accept phones that have been flagged as lost or stolen, so please make sure that your phone's IMEI is clear for activation with the AT&T network before mailing it in.  Phones that have been released recently and are in excellent condition typically have the highest buyback values.  If you are happy with your AT&T trade in value, add your item to the box.  If you have other Galaxy smartphones and electronics you wish to sell, find them on our site and add them to your box as well.  You can trade in as many phones and electronics as you'd like.  Most people who use our buyback program sell at least 2 or more items at once time.  If you have trouble locating the model of the item you are selling, you can contact our customer service team for help.  If your Samsung phone has no value, we will recycle it responsibly.  

What Happens When I Sell My AT&T Phone?

Complete the checkout process when you finish adding all the items in your cart that you want to sell.  You can choose to receive a free shipping kit if you do not have your own box or shipping materials.  If you have your own packing supplies, we will simply e-mail you a free return shipping label that you can print out at home.  Package up your items securely and mail them off to BuyBackWorld.  Once your trade-ins are received at our warehouse, they will be inspected by our trained technicians.  You will receive updates throughout the entire process.  If your smartphones match the assessment, we will send your money by check or Paypal within a few days.  Any electronics that have no value will be recycled and all phones will be data wiped and reset to factory settings.  Our AT&T buyback program is the best way to trade in your unwanted phones for cash.  We process payments much faster than traditional carrier trade in programs and always pay you cash, not store credit.  This gives you the freedom to collect your money quickly and spend it how you'd like to.  

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