What Are Others Saying?

Very easy transaction, I was extremely pleased with the offers I received on my used devices – much higher than most other comparable sites. Plus they bought some of my older items that other sites just wouldn’t accept.

Jennifer from Avondale, AZ

iPhone BuyBack Program Turns Your Old Device Into Cash

Sell your Apple iPhone the fast and easy way with BuyBackWorld's iPhone buyback program.  BuyBackWorld.com makes it easy to sell your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5 online for cash. All you have to do is select the generation from the list above and then choose your exact model and condition.  If you are having trouble identifying the model of the smartphone you have to sell, try looking for the model number on the back of the device that begins with "A" and is followed by four digits.  Also, make sure you identify the carrier of your iPhone model since this can have a significant impact on the trade-in value.

BuyBackWorld always offers an instant upfront buy back price quote and free shipping kit for every trade in.  It is free to sign up, there are no hassles with listing, taking photos, or collecting payment, and the offer is risk free.  We buy all generations of Apple iPhones, from the original 1st Generation 2G edition to the latest release of the 6 and 6 Plus.  We also pay you to sell your cracked, broken and water damaged devices as well. Selling your latest iPhone 6S or 6S plus is also possible with Buy Back World.  Our pricing team is constantly updating our catalog to ensure that you are getting the best trade in values and the opportunity to exchange the latest Apple releases for cash.  You'll be pleasantly surprised by the instant cash values you will get when you recycle your new, used or broken iPhones.  If you are happy with the price quote of your iPhone trade in, complete the checkout process.  You will be required to choose your payment method (check or Paypal), enter your shipping address, and select whether or not you want us to send you a free shipping kit along with your free shipping label.

What happens after I sell my Apple iPhone?

Once you agree to trade in your iPhone to BuyBackWorld, we'll send you free shipping materials so you can send us your device. You can drop it off at any US Post Office or hand it off to your local USPS mail carrier.  Before you ship the used phones that you wish to exchange for money, make sure to remove any iCloud of activation lock from your Apple device.  We do not accept iPhones that are Apple ID or iCloud locked.  Please check our FAQs for instructions on how to remove this lock before sending in your device.  We also do not accept phones that have been flagged as lost or stolen by your network carrier so please make sure that the ESN or IMEI is clear for activation by a new user.  Any balance or financing owed to your wireless carrier for the smartphone must also be paid in full so that it can be activated by a new user.  

Once we receive your Apple trade in, we'll inspect it to make sure it matches the condition you stated and then issue payment via check or PayPal.  If the model or condition does not match, our quality control agent will issue you a revised quote, which you can choose to accept or reject. You can then have your item returned to you without any cost.  If everything matches the assessment of your devices, you will receive a notification that your items were inspected successfully and payment will be issued within 1 or 2 business days.  A full data wipe and restore will be also be performed.  Our iPhone trade in program makes selling your unwanted electronics for cash safe, easy, and hassle free.

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