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Very easy transaction, I was extremely pleased with the offers I received on my used devices – much higher than most other comparable sites. Plus they bought some of my older items that other sites just wouldn’t accept.

Jennifer from Avondale, AZ

Sell Olympus Camera for Cash

Sell your new or used Olympus camera for cash with our Olympus trade in program.  Selling your unwanted or broken camera has never been easier.  Our Olympus buyback program offers you an upfront trade in value for both digital cameras and DSLR cameras.  Our offers are cash, not store credit, so you can use the money you earn from your trade in any way you choose.  To get started, first select whether the camera you want to exchange for cash is a point and shoot or digital SLR model.  Then find the exact model and select the condition that most accurately describes your trade-in.  This will provide you with your upfront price quote that we will pay you after we receive and test your camera.

What happens after I sell my Olympus camera?

Complete the checkout process and choose whether or not you'd like us to mail you a free shipping kit.  Either way, return postage is always free.  Before you mail in the camera you wish to sell, you may want to check around your house for other electronics such as video camcorders, lenses, photo equipment, and smartphones to see if you have anything else you'd like to sell for cash.  Our Olympus trade in program is not limited to just cameras.  We also buy back broken and old cameras that you may no longer want or need.  Anything that has a trade in value of zero will be recycled responsibly.  Once your items are received at our warehouse, they will be tested by one of our trained electronics technicians.  Any data or photos will be deleted and wiped from your device or memory cards.  Your payment will then be sent within a couple of days.  We encourage you to send in any charger, battery, lens, or other accessories along with your camera.  If you have any questions about our Olympus camera trade in program or need help locating the model you wish to sell, please contact our customer support team.

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