Which Guitar Effects Pedal Do You Have to Sell?

Select Your Guitar Effects Pedal Model Below to Get an Instant Quote

Which Guitar Effects Pedal Do You Have to Sell? Select Your Guitar Effects Pedal Model Below to Get an Instant Quote
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    3,000+ 5 Star Ratings

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    Thousands of Devices Bought & Sold

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Sell Your Guitar Effects Pedal for Cash

Earn money for your used or vintage guitar or bass effect pedals.  Instead of allowing them to dust, sell your old guitar pedals for cash with BuyBackWorld.  Use the funds you earn from our trade-in program to buy the latest gear.  We pay top dollar for stomp boxes and multi effects from leading brands such as Boss, Line 6, Digitech, MXR, Electro-Harmonix, Vox, JHS, Ibanez, DOD, Korg, Strymon, Jim Dunlop, TC-Helicon, Fulltone, Robert Keeley, and more.  You can sell any type of pedal such as distortion, reverb, delay, wah, phaser, chorus, fuzz, flange, volume, or multi-effects.  Selling your used gear has never been easier.

How Much Are My Guitar Effect Pedals Worth?

The guitar effect pedal buy back program powered by BuyBackWorld pays the most money for your pre-owned and vintage music gear.  Our pricing experts conduct market analysis and utilize historical pricing data to provide you with the best upfront cash quote.  The trade in value of your effect pedal will be determined by the brand, the specific model, the overall condition, and market factors such as supply and demand.  The value of vintage pedals can vary but is more dependent upon the supply, demand, condition, and historical significance of a particular model.  Gear that is fully functional with light cosmetic wear and tear will carry the highest cash trade-in values.  Our program also offers payouts for some pedal models in poor, faulty, or broken condition.  You may be surprised at how much your old guitar or bass effect pedals are worth.

To begin the online selling process, choose the manufacturer brand name of the pedal you wish to sell.  Next, choose the specific model name and number of the pedal you wish to sell.  You can also utilize our search toolbar to help locate the item you wish to sell.  Once you have located the exact model, choose the condition to obtain your upfront price quote.  If you are satisfied with the cash value offered for your pre-owned gear, simply complete the checkout process.  We provide a prepaid shipping label to send in your gear.  You can either use your own box or padded envelope or request a free shipping kit that will be mailed to you.  Once you complete the request for your trade-in order, check your e-mail for the order summary, packing slip, and shipping label.  You can drop off your package at any US Post Office or hand it offer to any US Postal Carrier.

Once we receive your gear, our trained experts will test the items to ensure that they match your assessment.  If there are any discrepancies found, a revised quote that you have the option to accept or reject would be issued.  Our customers are typically very good at determining the correct model and condition of their used gear, but sometimes discrepancies are found.  If your items pass inspection, payment will be issued by check or Paypal within one or two business days.  If you do receive a re-quote that you are not satisfied with, you have the option to reject the revised offer and have your gear shipped back to you for free.  Selling your gear with BuyBackWorld is free, safe, quick, and easy.  

There are no strings attached and no obligations.  Getting an upfront price quote, creating an account, or placing an order to sell your items to BuyBackWorld is always free.  You can send in one item at a time but most of our users mail in at least two items.  We recommend searching around your home, office, or studio for other guitar gear, electronics, or gift cards you may have to sell to earn more money.  You can package various items together in one box and use the same shipping label.  If you cannot find your item, submit a request for a custom quote or reach our to our customer service department directly for assistance.   

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