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Common Questions About Selling Your Gift Cards To BuyBackWorld

All you need to do is select your gift card brand in the drop down above and enter its current balance value to receive an instant cash buyback quote from us. If you accept our instant quote, you can complete your checkout and then immediately receive a FREE SHIPPING LABEL to mail BuyBackWorld your gift card. Once we receive your gift card, we'll verify the value and issue payment through either check, PayPal, Direct Deposit, PrePaid Debit Card or a gift card, whichever you prefer. It really is that fast and easy to turn your unwanted gift cards into cash with BuyBackWorld!

For your convenience, we always provide you with a FREE Shipping Label right after you complete your order so all you have to do is pack your gift cards up and drop them in any blue mailbox or give them to your local postal worker! If you prefer using your own shipping method, we recommend using USPS First Class Mail, USPS Priority Mail, or USPS Certified Mail.

Once your gift cards are received, their values are verified and your payment is issued within two business days of verification. Payment delivery times depend on the payment method you choose, but rest assured that you're always turning your unwanted gift cards into quick cash the fast and easy way with BuyBackWorld! Additionally, we always keep you posted at every step of the way via email so you'll always know the status of your transaction.

Unfortunately, no. We can only accept gift cards that are actually gift cards at this time. We are not accepting store credit based on returns and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please do not send these cards in or mistake them for an actual gift card.

Earn cash for gift cards with the BuyBackWorld gift card exchange program. You can easily sell your gift cards online and turn unwanted store credit into money. Our gift card buy back portal allows you to easily trade in your old and unwanted gift card for cash. We buy back cards from hundreds of different merchants and leading retailers such as Apple, Home Depot, Kohl's, Macy's, Target, and Walmart. You may have received a card as a gift from a store that you never intend on making a purchase from. Did you know that consumers in the U.S. allow billions of dollars in gift card spend or store credit to go unused annually? Don't let your unwanted gift cards sit idle and collect dust. Why not exchange that credit into cash that you can use to pay bills or buy something you actually want?

Sell my Gift Cards for Cash

Sell gift cards online with the Buy Back World gift card exchange program. Earn cash for gift cards the fast, secure, and easy way by selling them directly to BuyBackWorld. Our gift card buy back program allows consumers and organizations to trade their store credit and physical gift cards for money.

The BuyBackWorld platform allows you to exchange unwanted gift cards from hundreds of leading retailers and popular brands such as Apple, Walmart, Macy's, Best Buy, Nike, Home Depot, Target, Starbucks, Kohl's, and Sears. It is estimated that the value of gift cards that purchased but not redeemed is over one billion dollars annually. Turn this unused store credit into cash that you can spend any way you'd like.

To sell your gift card online, simply select the store brand from the list of retailers above. Next, type in the remaining unused balance of your card in the box adjacent to the brands list. If you are unsure of the balance of your unwanted gift card, please call or visit the website of the merchant. Most retailers have a website where you can enter your card number and pin to obtain your balance online. Other retailers may require you to call a toll free number to obtain your credit balance. You will need the card account and PIN number to be able to verify the balance. Once you have confirmed the trade in value of your gift card, type that value into the form. We have added links and phone numbers to help you identify the card's balance after you select the merchant from the menu above. If you have more than one card of that exact brand and value that you wish to trade in for cash, you can increase the quantity.

Best Gift Card Buy Back and Exchange Program

Please be advised that we currently only accept physical cards that have not expired. There also may be a minimum and maximum value we accept depending on the merchant. You can earn up to over 90% of the value of your remaining balance depending on the retailer. The gift card exchange value depends on a variety of factors, namely the consumer demand for merchandise or services from a particular merchant.

Trade in your gift by clicking the "Sell It Now" button to receive a risk-free and guaranteed upfront price quote for your gift cards. This is the amount of money that we will pay you for your gift cards. If you are happy with the cash exchange value, simply add the product to your trade-in cart. Check around your home or office for more gift cards or electronics you may have to sell before you complete the checkout process. Did you know that BuyBackWorld also pays you money to trade in your used consumer electronics as well? You can browse around your home or office for old iPhones, cell phones, Macbooks, cameras, and other electronics you may have to sell for cash. Your gift card exchange can be mailed along with any electronics using the same box or envelope as long as they fit. Most consumers using our trade-in program sell at least two or more items per trade-in transaction. During the checkout process, you can choose whether or not you have your own box and envelope to mail in your products. Either way, shipping is always free. If you have your own box and packing materials, we'll e-mail you a printable shipping label and packing slip. If you do not have your own box or envelope, we will mail you a free shipping kit with a return mailing label.

Once your package arrives at our warehouse, our receiving team will open it and verify the contents. You will receive a notification once we receive your unwanted gift cards. The quality control team will check the gift card balance and verify that it matches the value that you entered when you submitted your order. If everything checks out, your payment for your gift card exchange will be sent via check or Paypal. If there are any discrepancies, you will receive an e-mail notification. Unlike other gift card marketplaces, we do not charge you a selling or listing fee and there are no hassles with peer to peer trading. The gift card exchange program powered by the BuyBackWorld platform is the easiest, fastest, and more secure place to sell your unwanted gift cards for cash online.

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