Tips for Getting the Most Cash When You Sell Your iPhone

It’s important to select the right model when selling your iPhone so you receive the amount of money you’re quoted. The best way to identify your model is through Apple’s model guide.

In order for us to buy your iPhone without any issues, please make sure you do the following before sending it in:

  1. 1. Backup your iPhone to your computer or use Apple's iCloud Backup Service. This way all your data can be transferred over to your new device.
  2. 2. Erase your iPhone and remove Find my iPhone from your device
  3. 3. Tell your network that you will no longer be using this device and make sure it is clear for activation by a new user
  4. 4. Remove your SIM Card to use with your new device.

It’s no secret that technology devices drop in value as time goes on since new tech is released every single day. In order to maximize the resale value of your iPhone, you should sell and ship it as soon as possible to avoid any price drops from new releases.

If you’re not sure about the condition of your item, the model you have, or anything else regarding selling your device to BuyBackWorld, you should ask first to avoid any issues later on down the line. We’re always available to help 24/7 via email at [email protected]

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    3,000+ 5 Star Ratings

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    Thousands of Devices Bought & Sold

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Sell Your Apple iPhone 6 Plus Online for CashIs the Apple iPhone 6 Plus you recently purchased too big? If you do not want your huge iPhone 6 plus with the 5 1/2 inch screen anymore, sell it for cash instantly!  We will buyback your new, used, or broken iPhone 6+ for cash.  Our cell phone trade in program allows you to easily sell your unwanted iPhone 6 plus for cash.  To get started, select the carrier and exact iphone model you have to exchange for cash.  Then, complete the checkout process by providing your name, email, and address.  We will send you a free shipping label and shipping kit so you can send us you iPhone 6 Plus trade in.  BuyBackWorld is the only electronics buyback company that will pay you cash for every carrier that supports this model, such as Sprint, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, AT&T, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile and many more.  There were two main version of this model released in the US: A1522 and A1524.  We will even pay you a premium for brand new and unlocked devices too!  Before sending in your smartphone, we require that you remove your Apple iCloud activation lock.  We also ask that you make sure that your device is no longer attached to your wireless carrier account so that it can be activated by a new user.  We also recommend checking your device for water damage and testing all functions of the device.  Defects such as a cracked screen, defective button, mic or speaker, or heavy damage will result in a grading or Poor or Broken. 

What Happens When I sell my iPhone 6 Plus?Once we receive your Apple trade in, our quality control team will test all functionality and grade the cosmetic condition of your device.  If everything matches up with your assessment, your cash payment will be sent via check or Paypal within a few days.  Our quality control team will also perform a data wipe to ensure that all of your personal information and data is removed from the device.  If you need help select the correct model or have any questions about the exchange process, feel free to reach out to the Buy Back World customer service team.  

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