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Very easy transaction, I was extremely pleased with the offers I received on my used devices – much higher than most other comparable sites. Plus they bought some of my older items that other sites just wouldn’t accept.

Jennifer from Avondale, AZ

Sell Your Apple MacBook Air for CashThe Apple Macbook Air trade in program powered by BuyBackWorld allows you to sell your new, used, or broken Macbook for cash.  The Macbook Air was first introduced in 2008 and was manufactured with 2 different screen sizes: 11.6" or 13.3".  It is Apple's ultra thin and lightweight version of the popular Macbook and is currently considered to be their entry level laptop.  Apple has released an upgraded version of the Macbook Air every year from 2008 to 2015.  If you want to buy Apple's latest version of the Air, it would be a good idea to trade in your old Macbook Air for cash with our buyback program.  
How Do I Sell My Macbook Air?To begin selling your Macbook Air for money, you will need to identify the model, release year, and technical specs of your Apple laptop.  Once you have identified the exact model you have to exchange, using the step by step process or search box on our website to locate the Macbook you want to sell.  Select the condition that most accurately describes your laptop to receive your upfront trade-in value price quote.  If you are happy with this amount of cash, just complete the checkout process.  You can elect to receive a free prepaid mailing kit or use your own box and shipping materials if you'd like.  We recommend that remove any admin passwords and charge up your Macbook Air so there are no delays with the buy back process.  

Package your Macbook securely using bubble wrap or foam in a box so that it reaches our warehouse safely.  You will receive e-mail updates during the entire trade in process.  Once our trained computer technicians test your Macbook, you will receive an update.  If everything checks out against your assessment, your money will be sent within 1 or 2 business days.  If there is a discrepancy, you will receive a new offer that you can accept or reject.  Our Apple techs will also perform a data wipe and full system restore on your machine.  We recycle any completely dead or broken Macbooks.  Our Macbook buyback program is the absolute best way to sell your Macbook Air and any Apple products for cash.  BuyBackWorld makes the whole selling process super fast, easy, and risk-free.  We will even buy back other Apple electronics such as iPhones, iPads, iMacs, Mac Mini computers, and iPods.

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