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Very easy transaction, I was extremely pleased with the offers I received on my used devices – much higher than most other comparable sites. Plus they bought some of my older items that other sites just wouldn’t accept.

Jennifer from Avondale, AZ

Sell LG cell phone for cash with our LG Trade In ProgramYour old LG smartphone is worth money.  Sell it for cash using the LG cell phone buy back program powered by BuyBackWorld trade in services.  You can earn cash and fund your latest upgrade by selling your LG phone here.  Receive an upfront trade in value price quote, a free shipping kit, and ultra fast payment.  Our LG trade-in program always pays you money, not store credit, and supports all carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, Cricket, Boost Mobile, Metro PCS, Virgin Mobile, and many more. If you do not see your network operator above, check in "Other Carriers" or contact our customer service department for a custom quote.

LG's flagship smartphone is the "G Series."  The LG G2, G3, and G4 models will typically earn you the most cash.  Unlocked, Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile smartphones typically hold their value longer than Android phones on carriers.  Make sure the ESN or IMEI of your LG phone is clear for activation on a new wireless plan.  This means that it cannot be reported lost or stolen and must not be tied to any other account or have an outstanding balance due.  You can contact your carrier to verify that the phone is free and clear for a new activation.  Now is the best time to sell your old LG G2 or G3 phone.  The latest G4 version had been released in 2015 and it is rumored that LG will release the G5 next year.  Android phones typically depreciate quickly, especially when a new version is released every year.  However, if you purchased and want to sell your LG G4, you can also do this now since we support trade ins for the latest releases.  You can also exchange old LG flip or slider phones for money with our buyback program.  Any cell phone that does not have any value will be recycled responsibly.  

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