Our Goals

Simplified Selling, Fast Payment

Our goal is to make selling your old electronics (and soon, much, much, more) as easy as typing in your model, evaluating its condition and choosing your payment method. We’re aiming to eliminate the hassles and guesswork associated with traditional peer-to-peer selling.
All of our items receive instant price quotes so you know what you will be paid before sending in your items. If your item isn’t listed, our custom quote team will email you a personalized offer within 24 hours.
The choice of payment is always yours and we currently offer check, PayPal, Amazon gift cards or charitable donations as forms of payments with faster and more exciting payment options being added shortly. From start to finish, we aim to turn your order over in 7-10 business days so you can always rely on BuyBackWorld as a trusted, quick and effective way of turning your old electronics into cash. 
We currently buy back electronics in over 10 categories and we’re working on adding five more consumer electronics categories and five more non-electronics categories in the near future.

FREE Shipping and Packaging

Since our goal is to simplify the selling process, we always want to make it as easy as possible for you to sell or recycle your old electronics with us. We provide FREE shipping for all orders above $1 and will even send you packaging for your items if you request it. The only thing we don’t do is physically pack the items up for you!

Safe & Secure Transactions

Security and privacy of personal data is an important issue that we take very seriously at BuyBackWorld. One of the first steps in our state of the art inspection process is our thorough and rigorous data deletion procedure. All devices are reset and wiped to their original factory settings using Department of Defense standards while they are hand-inspected by a certified and trained member of our gadget inspection team to ensure your complete peace of mind and to protect all your confidential data. While the data destruction process varies from one item to another, the intent and result is the same everytime: to ensure any and all media/data is wiped free of any information.

Recycle Responsibly

When BuyBackWorld was started, the founders wanted to make it easy not only for consumers to sell back their old electronics for cash, but also recycle the ones that no longer had any value associated with them. BuyBackWorld does not make any money off of the items we recycle for you which allows us to form unbiased partnerships with only e-Stewards Recyclers and Basel Action Network members which adhere to the industry’s highest level of environmental standards. 

Environmentally Friendly

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Secure and Trusted

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